1.  No Booze

2.  No Caffeine

3.  No Fried Foods

4.  No Red Meat

5.  No Sweets

6.  Daily Vegetable Minimum: 3 servings

7.  Daily Exercise Minimum: 1 hour

8.  Daily Meditation Minimum: 15 minutes


7 responses to “Rules

  1. Kris, you are a brave soul. Sounds like a great idea! Maybe I’ll do it too. It would be great to share some healthy ideas and recipes on this blog to help others out.

  2. @ Jill-zeens -Do it dood. You know you want to….
    Good thinking on the healthy ideas front. I should probably add some resources here as well.

  3. Hey Kris,
    I too would like to join this challenge. I was just thinking that I’d let my little blog lapse a long time, and this is the perfect thing to get me back into it. I agree to all terms except omitting caffeine from my day (though I will keep it to 1 cup), and the red meat thing is tough, just cause I usually have dinner brought to me from ‘Ken’s kitchen’ and often times, that’s about all we have in the house. Anyway, I’ll do my best with that one! Okay….it’s on.
    Oh, and I am just going to piggyback onto my already existing blog…
    This’ll be fun! Thanks for the jumpstart!

  4. Yay! Very fun… I will add a link to your blog on the home page. Good luck!

  5. Okay, it’s probably just not right to post my own rules while eating a few chips that I found in someone else’s office in the late afternoon when no one else is around. And I am already a week behind on the challenge. And have broken one of the two core rules I have for myself, and consistently broken it, about once a day. But, I am impressed with the challenge and sometimes in a race it’s good to have a cohort in the final stretch to keep you going to the finish line. So here are my rules.

    1. No Booze? – I get wine with dinner 2/week. It’s a culinary thing.

    2. No Caffeine? – I get one cup of coffee per morning, for at least one more week, then we’ll talk.

    3. No Fried Foods? – ditto, I’m with you on this. The Chimichanga last week at Mexican night? Totally can’t explain it.

    4. No Red Meat? – Oh, I get red meat. We bought a 1/4 cow and a 1/4 pig for goodness sakes. Nicely packaged in the freezer. Don’t worry, there are also green beans in the freezer, from the garden! I will give up bacon for you, even though it’s organic, happy bacon.

    5. No Sweets? – totally ditto. This has been going well already. This is the core rule that I have not broken lately.

    5.b. No wheat, no grains, for 2 weeks. And after that, no wheat. Period. The difference is stunning when I actually manage this. After 2 weeks, I get whole grains, a few servings per day, but no wheat. All good this week on the wheat, except one day. Alternate grains? That is the consistent broken rule, every day so far. Until now.

    6. Daily Vegetable Minimum: 3 servings – absolutely.

    7. Daily Exercise Minimum: 1 hour? – My minimum is 20 minutes. I am older than you, I am horrible at it. I never even ran on a trail so clearly lacking a reference point. I promise I will not allocate my 90 minute Thursday yoga class over 4.5 days; it will only count as one darn good day.

    8. Daily Meditation Minimum: 15 minutes – Ah, the ever elusive step one of the Joy Diet. Okay, I will do this, but before coffee. At least for now, and you know I am totally in the moment on that one.

    9! I will do something habitual with my writing. I have weekly sessions scheduled for the next 2 months, so I hereby commit to doing the homework, whatever it is.

    #7 and #8 are clearly my biggest challenges. And #9, I am really really bad at that, too. And I will stay away from the chips. If I take anymore, the owner will likely notice.

    Thanks for sending me the blog link…sort of.


  6. Cool! Thanks for joining in….

    Re: #8 — I know, it took me about two years to get past step 1 in the Joy Diet. And I have finally made it. My inspiration to “do nothing” for 15 minutes per day definitely started with that book.

    Re: 5b – Yikes. No wheat? I don’t even know what that means… I support you (and salute you).

    Re #9 – That’s a very cool goal. I would love to chat about how you are working writing into your schedule and how that works for you. I have kinda “forced” myself into an (almost) daily writing ritual with this blog… It’s been interesting.

    Good luck!

  7. ah perhaps I addressed last comment to Kate when it should have been to Kris –whoever posted the first rules and the 30 day challenge blogs–thanks was my point and nice work

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