Day 30: 25 things

In honor of its final day, here is a retrospective on the Challenge in list format (because sometimes lists are easier… and more fun).

1.  Quitting caffeine just about killed me.

2.  And now I know I can live without it.

3.  Drinking is an integral part of my social life.  So I am going to have to figure out a way to incorporate it in moderation

4.  8 rules are too many to focus on all at once.

5.  Writing is a wonderful sort of therapy for me, but I don’t like the feeling that I have to do it every day.

6.  I am sleeping like a champ since starting this challenge

7.  I am afraid that the 4am wake-up-in-a-panics will start again once I start drinking again.

8.  Which I will definitely do, starting tonight. (or maybe a little last night too)

9.  I think that really fully integrating a successful meditation practice into my life is key to my happiness.

10.  My brain never stops. It needs discipline.

11.  I heart bacon.

12.  Trying to start a new exercise regimen in the middle of winter sucks.

13.  Creativity is something that you can tap into at any time. Just start writing and something will come out.

14.  What comes out is not always good, entertaining, or interesting, but that’s OK.

15.  I do really well with black and white rules, and less well with moderation and areas of gray.

16.  That will have to change.

17.  I wish yoga wasn’t so expensive, so that I could go to a class 4 or 5 times a week and really learn it. Rather than feeling like I am a permanent beginner.

18.  Then I could get good enough to have my own morning yoga practice, and I wouldn’t even need to pay for classes any more (just annual retreats to Thailand or Mexico or some other exotic place)

19.  I didn’t really eat red meat that often anyway.

20.  I am a pretty good cook, and I really enjoy it. This is completely new for me. In fact, I would have adamantly stated in the not-so-distant past that I did not like cooking and that I was terrible at it.

21.  My wake up time has changed from 7:58am to 6:03am since starting the challenge. I had to start waking up earlier to fit everything in.

22.  I no longer need caffeine before I can form cohesive thoughts in the morning.

23.  People should always be able to drink wine on Valentine’s Day (and when playing Tuck).

24.  I hate going to the gym. It smells funny there.

25.  Mocktails are just not the same as the real thing.


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