Days 27 & 28: Light at the end of the tunnel syndrome

I think I have light at the end of the tunnel syndrome (similar to seasonal affective disorder but different). Sticking to the rules of the challenge feels like it’s getting harder and harder. Is anyone else experiencing this? Especially with the holiday and long weekend and all. I guess it is mostly the booze rule that I am struggling with (still). And exercise (as always).

The no booze rule is especially tough because I am quite certain that I will start drinking again once day 31 comes around. So part of me is asking, “what’s the point? There’s three days left. Why not join your honey for a drink at the Indo? What’s the big deal? What are you trying to prove?”

Ugh. So that’s my days these days. A combination of weakening will power and reflecting on what all of this has meant. I’m also noticing a bit of a decline in the amount of energy I have. I am not sure what is causing that, but I have also been feeling that my schedule is a little bit overwhelming. So it may be some of that. Definitely feels like a psychological exhaustion of sorts.

I haven’t been outside yet today… That may be part of the problem. I need to get some fresh air.  (Rule #9: Breathe)


One response to “Days 27 & 28: Light at the end of the tunnel syndrome

  1. Hi, healthrut, Kate, Winterdawdler, something new, and or Fred. I am not tech savvy enough to figure out who. I very much enjoyed your 30 Day Challenge posts. The writing was engaging, compelling, real and personal. thanks. I promised my friend Kat and Calvin at the website holisticstategiesinc that I would use wordpress to “BLOG” (aaarrggg – i have been a writer but not a blogger) — about my trip along the get-fit and healthy trail. I decided to use “the healthrut” as my title and a search turned up only your blog/site in the entire interwebs. So i will go title-less. then I read your blog and as often happens I realized a really good version of what I might write was already perfectly written by you. My blog will feel to me like a cheap imitation of yours. Anyway thanks for sticking with the blogging part of ur challenge. I enjoyed it and learned. Now i still have to blog out my days of effort and deprivation — good luck to you and Fred.

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