Days 19 & 20: Drink

Posts on weekends always seem to focus on not drinking.  I guess because not drinking is a lot harder on the weekends when I am out and about and being social than it is during the week.  Well, this weekend was no exception.  And this post will be no exception.

I had a wonderful experience “not drinking” at a drinking establishment in Boston this evening —  a bar called Drink (of all things).  Drink meets the definition of what I guess would be a modern day  speakeasy, with no sign on the street and no visible liquor (everything is kept under the bar).  It’s a bit trendy and has the potential to be slightly pretentious (as you can imagine), but on a Sunday afternoon during a recession, it was quite pleasant.  Quiet, mellow, relaxing.

In line with it’s speakeasy attitude, Drink does not have a cocktail list.  It’s one of their “things.”  The bartender asks you a series of questions about what your preferences are, and then mixes you a cocktail that they think you will enjoy, delivering it with a detailed play by play of what’s in it and how it’s made.  Oh, right..  and did I forget to mention that this place is staffed with the best of the best bartenders in Boston?

In other words, this place is heaven for serious cocktail geeks.   Thus anyone who knows my honey knows why we were there.

So when it came my turn to order, it went something like this:

Bartender:  What are you in the mood for?

Me: Well mine is easy… I am on the wagon for a bit, so I will have something with no alcohol in it.

Bartender: What’s so easy about that? There’s nothing easy about being on the wagon.

Me: I am aware.

Anyway, I enjoyed two delicious non-alcoholic drinks over the course of my visit.  The first, a tiki-style juice blend, with fresh pineapple and orange juice mixed with house-made cinnamon simple syrup, and topped with ginger beer  (also, house-made I believe, but didn’t get a chance to ask).  So good.

The second, a moscow mule, a classic cocktail in which he replaced, as he put it, “the colorless flavorless odorless alcohol with it’s colorless flavorless odorless nonalcoholic counterpart.”  Basically, he substituted water for vodka… and with the strong ginger beer and lime flavors in this drink, the vodka was not missed.

And both were served in their glamorous vintage glassware.  So even though I was imbibing nothing but juice and soda all night, nobody was the wiser.


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