Day 21: The Wall

Happy Day 21!  We are officially through 70% of the Challenge (or maybe just me if you weren’t crazy enough to participate in this little exercise).  Yep, 70% of the 30 days are gone and gone.  Over.  Adios. Done.

Unfortunately, for the last couple of days, I have been feeling 100% done.  Totally over it.  I was doing great for a while, no problemo, but now that the days remaining are in the single digits, the self-deprivation suddenly feels harder again.  I think it’s because the end is in sight.  I can see it…. it’s so close.  And I want to eat it, and drink it, and not write about it while I lie on the couch not exercising.

I think I have hit what marathon runners refer to as, “The Wall.”  As described by Michael Bane in his bNet article:

The Wall is a legendary thing. Usually encountered around mile 20, it’s the point where the flesh weakens, the spirit sags and the will drains away into a little puddle on the ground. Legs turn to melting Jell-O and breath comes in short, gasping gulps. In all of sports, there is probably nothing as feared, or misunderstood, as this inner barrier where the unprepared run out of steam and can go no further.

Yep, Jell-O sounds about right.  That’s what my will power and self-control reserves are feeling like right about now.  Thankfully, I am on my lunch break at work, and there is not a martini or cheeseburger in sight.  Because, if there was, I don’t know what would happen.  But there isn’t… whatever, it’s fine…  I am just still suffering from my post-weekend depression.  Getting exposed to too much booze and bacon makes me so so tired  (and thirsty… and not thirsty for tea so much).

But I promise to keep on keepin’ on.

And for those of you that may be hitting The Wall right there with me, hang in there.  We are almost done.


One response to “Day 21: The Wall

  1. You have to hang in there if for no other reason than the role model you have created. Last night I got home from work and really wanted a glass of wine, but it seemed too early and I would have been drinking alone, etc. So I made a cup of tea. I figured, hey, if Kris can do it, so can I. It seemed to work. I also arranged my yoga mat in a corner of my half empty bedroom. It looks nice there and if you keep role-modeling, I might just use it.

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