Day 18: Taking it outside

OK, this is it… I am serious people. My gym membership trial expired, and Boston forecasts are showing above freezing temperatures for this week.

I am taking it outside.

Starting on Monday, my new weekly morning schedule will be as follows:

5:45: alarm goes off… hit snooze
5:54: alarm goes off again… hit snooze
6:03: alarm goes off again… turn off alarm because I feel bad for making my honey suffer through the horrible alarm beeping, and get out of bed.
6:03-6:14: get in running clothes
6:15-6:30: meditate
6:35: put on sneakers and hat, open door, walk out door, close door behind me.

That takes care of the hardest part. Once I am out the door, I will just start walking and see where life takes me.

That’s the plan… yep.  (I’m giving it 3 days).


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