Day 14: Weekly Check-In

The word for this week is “energized.”  I blame it on quitting coffee, but I suppose any number of these new habits could be contributing to the ridiculous amount of energy that I have these days.  I mean I still get a bit of an afternoon lull at work…. But I think that may have more to do with the mental strain of the job and less on my physical body.  (But that’s another blog…)

Eating has been the fun part (as always, one of the best parts of my day).  I have been cooking a lot, and incorporating lots of veggies and good stuff.  This change in behavior has also been impacted by my attempts to cut back on spending (yes, yet another rule).  My honey and I are trying to stick to a budget and that means going out way less.  So we have been making nice meals at home, and I even sneak some vegetarian ones in there once in a while when he isn’t paying attention.

Exercise is still a drag.  Unlike other rules, it has a lot of requirements.  I have to make sure I get up by a certain time to squeeze in my yoga routine after my morning meditation.  Freezing weather dictates walking conditons.  Evening commitments get in the way of going to the gym.  I am making excuses, I know… but this definitely continues to be the toughest part of the challenge for me.  It annoys me every day.

That said, my mission of one hour of exercise per day inspired me to walk across the Mass Ave bridge to Boston last night instead of taking the bus.  And it was such a beautiful night…the snow, and the lights of the Boston skyline, and the fresh cool air.  It felt really good.  And it made it all worth it.

Well, mostly worth it.


2 responses to “Day 14: Weekly Check-In

  1. I have a feeling that your new found energy is actually a result of the dreaded exercise…

  2. You are probably right… I wouldn’t dread the exercise nearly as much if I could settle into a routine that works for me. I have been doing yoga in the morning which works out great, but the cardio is another story.

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