Day 11: Creating new habits…. sustainably

If you are looking to seriously integrate a new habit into your lifestyle, I am pretty sure that this extreme 30 day healthy habit challenge is not how to do it.   For the same reason that New Year’s resolutions often fail, an ambitious regimen like this is likely not to stick. Too limiting, too restrictive, way too ambitious.  For me, this challenge is more of an experiment to see the impact of making some pretty drastic changes in a short amount of time…   What does it feel like to let go of some of those ingrained patterned behaviors?  How can I shake things up a bit?  And maybe this leads to a realization that there are some long term changes that I would like to make.

For anyone out there who is interested in integrating a new healthy habit into their lives for the long haul, I recommend taking a visit to Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits.   His 30 day challenge looks a lot different from mine, and seems like it would be a much more sustainable approach to integrating new habits into your lifestyle.  His approach involves choosing one habit to focus on and committing to spending 10 minutes per day for 30 days focusing on integrating that new habit.

(In addition to this challenge, his blog is full of ways to increase productivity and happiness by simplifying your life, so even if you are not ready to tackle 30 days of a new thing, I recommend checking it out).

So, we’ll see… once the challenge is over, I may take a page from Leo’s book, and make things a little simpler.  Choose one of my favorite new behaviors and focus on making it a long term life change.  But for now, I am only on day 11 of my own crazy ride, and not ready to make any commitments yet.


One response to “Day 11: Creating new habits…. sustainably

  1. Thanks for these links, Kris. The posts are great and I am so impressed with your challenge. I was asked today about meditation and I had to say, well yes, I do that now at 6am. And it’s your fault! How did that work? LN

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