Day 10: Creating a new night time ritual

One of the hardest parts about giving up booze for me has been giving up the ritual of it. My honey and I come home, we make dinner, maybe we crack open a bottle of wine, maybe he whips up some after-dinner cocktails. Whatever it is, the two of us share the ritual of drinking between us – it is part of our daily routine.

So when I get home, and we begin to unwind from our days and reconnect, I immediately begin to crave an alcoholic beverage. Not necessarily for the buzz, or the taste, or due to alcohol withdrawal, but because it’s what I do when I get home. I guess that’s what they call a habit. I like to call it a ritual (because it sounds much nicer and much less like something I should quit).

My approach to curing these evening cravings for the delicious cocktails that my honey is mixing up has been to create a new ritual. While he is shaking up his manhattan or martini, I put a pot of water on to boil, and I make a cup of tea. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting – but it works for me. I don’t use any old regular teabag tea. I have nice loose leaf tea that I put in my special tea infuser.  My favorite tea of the moment is eight treasures tea, which I get from an awesome local tea shop, Tea Zone.  (You can find them online here.  Their tea is really good and inexpensive.  I highly recommend it).

I drink my tea, and it calms me down and I unwind.  It requires special preparation, and the work makes the outcome that much more enjoyable.   And the best part is  that my honey and I can still share our drinking ritual between us. We are just drinking different things. And that’s OK.

(for now)


2 responses to “Day 10: Creating a new night time ritual

  1. Your will always leaves me in awe. And strangely, I’d like a cup of tea now… I hate tea.

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