Days 7 & 8: Week 1 check-in

So, I’ve made it through week one,  and I’m feeling OK. No dramatic improvements or declines. Though I definitely felt a dip in the first few days due to the caffeine withdrawal,  I seem to have (mostly) recovered from that. Today was the big test because I attended by 8pm to 10pm watercolor class on nothing but natural adrenaline. I was up at 6am and was still awake and alert by the end of my class at 10pm, and here I am writing at 10:30… I think caffeine is officially defeated. Kris 1: Coffee 0.

The no caffeine thing is also helping me notice how my energy levels are affected by food.  I had chicken noodle soup for lunch, and I was dragging and tired all afternoon.  Finally broke down at around 3pm and ate the “dinner” that I had brought to eat before going to class – cold sesame noodles with chicken on a bed of spinach.  Soon after eating, I perked right up, actually started getting things done at work, and had plenty of energy going into class.  I don’t know what it was about the particular foods that had the tiring vs. energizing effects, but it is interesting when caffeine is out of the picture to see what other things might be influencing energy levels.

Exercise is still my biggest hurdle.  I have been struggling with implementing a consistent exercise routine since I moved to Boston five years ago.  Part of it is cost: I don’t want to pay $80 per month for a gym membership, and part of it is environment: I don’t want to go running the city streets with cars and pedestrians and pollution and gross.  Living so close to Acadia apparently has left me spoiled rotten.  It’s carriage trails or nothing for me.  I just can’t get used to running in the city.

I am not sure why I thought that starting this challenge would instantly solve my exercise problem, and not surprisingly , the process of trying to shove it in to my already hectic schedule has proven difficult.  But I keep on trucking along…. I have been using my 14 day trial at the gym about every other day, walking back and forth to work, and doing my Yin Yoga video almost daily.   For one puny rule that takes only an hour a day, it feels really disruptive.  It’s even screwing up my meditation because I feel so scrambled and busy that I can’t calm my mind down to meditate (and I actually had been meditating  quite successfully every morning for weeks before starting this challenge).

So that’s my next big step, I have to get this exercise schedule figured out so it doesn’t feel like it’s completely taking over my life.  I am going to come up with a schedule and post it here.  I do well with structure, so hopefully that will help me out.

I hope everyone who is joining me had a good first week…  drop a line a let me know how things are going.


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