Day 5: Sober Tuck

Spent a wonderful evening with our friends in Salem… kids played kung fu, (worked out as expected) and adults played multiple rounds of Tuck.  It was a very typical night of fun for us which always involves delicious food,  free-flowing booze, and good conversation (and laughing, the more we drink the funnier we get).

Ahh…. drinking, yes.  Last night was my first sober Tuck-fest, and the first real test of my “no booze” rule.  As soon as I walked in the door, my “have a drink” triggers were firing madly.  Pre-dinner Moscow Mules,  wine with dinner, Hot Buttered Rum for post-dinner game playing.

It wasn’t easy… but not horrible either.

In anticipation of the event,  I had looked up a couple of “mocktails” that I could enjoy, so that I wasn’t stuck drowning my sorrows in seltzer with lime all night.  So I grabbed some of the ginger beer from the Moscow Mules and made a Stormy Monday by mixing the ginger beer with soda water, lime, and Angostura bitters.  When I got jealous of the warm rum drinks my friends were imbibing, I tried a Mock Toddy, made with cayenne-dusted lemon, hot water and honey. (These are both drinks featured on the cocktail menu at the Eastern Standard that I discovered via Drink Boston).

So I am not going to pretend that these drinks are in any way a replacement for the real thing, but they kept me busy and hydrated.  And my headache wasn’t nearly as bad as my cohorts this morning.  I just got to sit back and watch them  nurse their hangover wounds with delicious cups of coffee and luscious crispy bacon, and think “why am I doing this again?”


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