Day 3: A new blog!

The good news today is that my bff Kate has joined the challenge, and is going to use it to as an impetus to start writing on her blog.  Yay!  I have added it to the blogroll on the side bar so that it’s easy for you to check it out often to see how she is doing (and she is a both a better writer and more prolific than I, so it will be fun to read her perspective on all of this).

I, on the other hand, just spent two hours watching Lost, and I am two seconds from falling asleep over my computer, so I will keep this brief.  Today was my first real “hard core” exercise day.  I did 30 minutes of yoga this morning, and 40 minutes of treadmill running/walking this evening after work.  I am sore already, so tomorrow will not be pretty.  I am happy to report, however, that my caffeine withdrawal symptoms were fewer and farther between today, and overall I felt pretty normal.  Mood was better, and energy levels were higher (until I went to the gym).

So here’s to another day….

Oh, to clarify, I watched one hour of Lost “overview” and the first half of last night’s episode, so no spoilers!!  I won’t get to watch the second half until my honey’s birthday (tomorrow) after we put the girl to bed.


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