Day 2: Strength in numbers

I have been completely overwhelmed by the number of peope that have stepped up to the plate to join me for this nutty experiment.  My parents, sister and sister’s boyfriend, brother and sister-in-love,  friends nearby, friends far away…  It’s awesome and inspiring and will make the whole experience so much more enjoyable.  Some are using my rules and some have come up with their own set.  I hope that this blog will provide a forum for everyone to share their individual experiences.

So those who are joining me, please feel free to share your experiences here… or start your own blog, and I will link to it.  I think documentation will be an important and fun piece of the project, so please write, comment, photograph, videotape, keep a journal, whatever works for you…

We are all going to have some low moments, strength in numbers will help us make it through!

Today for me:

Headache – Still there.

Mood – Irritable with swings of manic joy.

Energy Level- Higher than yesterday but still dangerously borderline comatose.

Toughest rules – Exercise and Vegetables.

(Seems that it’s easier to stop something I was already doing, i.e. drinking and eating fried foods, than inserting something new into my schedule.  I am guessing it will get easier once the routines set in.)


3 responses to “Day 2: Strength in numbers

  1. It’s just the opposite for us it’s easier for us to add than give up! Our schedule is wide open.

  2. Hardest part of the day: bypassing my special Thursday after yoga class chocolately cappachino and croissanty egg sandwich. (that stuff doesn’t nullify the good effects of my yoga class, does it?) Very sad as I drove right by. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good today.

  3. Great, thanks Jen, now I am craving something croissanty!!

    I am proud of you… and your yogified body and soul thank you 🙂

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