Day 1: So tired….

Well, I made it through Day 1, but I am completely exhausted.  Must be all of that will power burning off.  That said, I am going to keep this entry simple, brief and to the point by summarizing some highs and lows from the first day.

Tough parts:

1.  Blinding headache and fatigue from caffeine withdrawal.  (Yes, it’s real, it may even be a psychiatric disorder)

2.  Still fighting a cold (normally, I kill germs in my system with booze, so this one might take a while to get over).

3.  So tired and cranky…

Good parts:

1.  Signed up for my 14 day trial session at the gym.

2.  Meditation.  I love me some quiet breathing.

3.  Big delicious salad for lunch, which I ate while watching the inauguration.  3 servings and then some….

I hope others had a good first day…  and welcome to those of you who chose to start post-inauguration.  Keep me posted on how things are going!


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