What I wasn’t expecting (Or: A few little obstacles on challenge-day-eve)


Well, tomorrow is the big day, and I have begun the final countdown.  Unfortunately, a couple of things have come up that I wasn’t expecting that are throwing me slightly off course.

I’m sick.

I have a little head cold.  I know, I know, bring out the violins …  but this is messing with my ability to drink beer and eat cheeseburgers as skillfully and joyfully as I might otherwise be doing today.  Also, a little worried about it’s impact on meditation and exercise tomorrow.  It will help my before/after pictures though.

My yoga video isn’t here yet.

I ordered a very specific non-sucky yoga video, Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley, that was recommended by Havi of Fluent Self.  I ordered it in plenty of time (on 1/12), but I ordered it from Amazon via the Super Saver Shipping option.  I think that was my mistake.  My theory is that they punish you for not paying shipping by choosing the longest route possible for your package to travel. Evil.

There are no sidewalks in Boston (and the Greater Boston Area).

My plan was to do 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of “cardio” per day.  I don’t have a gym membership (and can’t really afford one), so my plan was to pick a route and start walking every morning with the goal of eventually turning this into a running habit.  However, weather has not been in our favor here in the Northeast, and the sidewalks look more like ice rinks than surfaces appropriate for traction-based movement.  Plan B: The gym across the street from my work is offering a 14 day trial for $15.  I am going to try to talk them into doing a 30 day trial for $30.  Plus they offer free blood pressure and body composition tests, which may be fun metrics to track before and after the challenge.

OK, I’m done whining now.

Anyone else have something to gripe out?  Feel free to chime in….

Image by msmail via flickr, used here with a creative common license.


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