The last supper

the fries are so delicious.

Is it bad that planning my last meal prior to starting the experiment is my favorite part of planning the experiment?  Picking a yoga dvd was fun, contemplating my walking route is OK too, but I could spend hours fantasizing about the mountain of food I will ravish on the evening of 1/19/09.  On the final night of GW’s presidency, I will be eating a monster cheeseburger and fries and washing it down with a pint of beer.  In fact I wish there was a good caffeinated beer out there because then I would drink that and kill two birds with one stone.  The biggest question:  where to get the best burger in Boston?  Because if it’s my last greasy meal for 30 days, it better be a good one.

For those of you playing along at home, what will (would) you eat for your last pre-challenge meal?

Image by roboppy via flickr, used with a creative commons license.


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